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The Aviation Heritage Center offers an exciting aviation environment for your meeting, event,
or party. Rent a single room, or the entire facility! You can customize our space to meet your needs.

We offer ample, free parking and universal building access. Our rental options and amenities are listed on this page.

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AHCW Speakers


Contact our Director of Aviation Education - Bridgett Neu to discuss your party, meeting, or event at the Aviation Heritage Center!


Evelyn & Joseph Richardson Museum and Overlook Mezzaninelibrary

The Richardson Museum offers a warm and comfortable environment surrounded by a collection of historic aviation displays and artifacts.  A staircase leads to the overlook mezzanine which provides an expansive view of the airport with access to an outdoor observation balcony.  The Museum and Mezzanine are the best options if you want your event to be in an authentic aviation atmosphere where guests can view runways and aircraft operations including take-offs and landings.

Maximum Seating Capacity:  60 
Maximum Standing Reception:  75


Mezzanine Only

The comfortable and intimate Mezzanine provides an expansive view of the airport with access to an outdoor observation balcony.  The mezzanine is an ideal environment for small receptions, meetings, or children’s birthday gatherings.

Maximum Seating Capacity: 20
Maximum Standing Reception: 30

library   library


Maximum Seating Capacity:  30

Featuring movable tables and a studious environment, the library is ideal for conferences, large meetings, and audio-visual presentations.  The high ceiling and numerous aviation oriented magazines, models and artifacts lend a unique theme to your event. Seven 3’ X 7’ tables can be configured to meet the needs of your gathering.

library   library

Aviation Hangar

A highly versatile space, the hangar is the largest room in the facility.  Offering 250 square feet of space, it can be customized for a gathering of up to 200 people.  This room is most often the choice for parties, speeches, lectures, ceremonies and training sessions.  In warm weather and under specific conditions, the 40-foot hangar door can be opened at any angle from 0 to 90 degrees providing an outdoor feel to the room or a shaded awning for outdoor seating close to the airport ramp.

Maximum Seating Capacity: 140
Maximum Standing Reception: 200




Governor Kohler Conference Room

Adorned with displays and artifacts honoring Governor Walter J. Kohler Sr. and Governor Kohler Jr., the conference room is perfect for business meetings, lunches, staff meetings, and small private gatherings. The conference table seats 12, with additional chairs available for non-table seating.  There is room for light meeting refreshments, or the conference table can be set for a formal dining event.

Seats:  12




Entire Facility - Aviation hangar/Richardson Museum and Overlook Mezzanine

To make the biggest impression or for large events, you can rent the entire facility which includes all of the previously described rooms and space. 

Maximum Seating Capacity:  200
Maximum Standing Reception:  300


The kitchen is located in the hangar and can facilitate food service to any portion of the Aviation Heritage Center.  Measuring 20' X 10', the kitchen features large refrigerators, freezers, sink, and stainless steel counters.  A large window opens for direct food service into the hangar, and a dedicated kitchen entrance simplifies load-ins and load-outs. 




Additional Equipment and Services (Half or Full Day)

Flip Chart and Markers  —  $20.00
Laptop  —  $50.00
Podium  —  $10.00
Portable Projection Screen (5’X7’)  —  $25.00
Sound System (Hangar Only)  —  $75.00
White Board and Markers  —  $15.00
Wireless Microphone  —  $20.00
Coffee/Tea Service  —  $4.00/person
Light Breakfast Service  —  As Required
Light Lunch Service  —  As Required
Beverage Service (soda, juice and water selections)  —  As Required

Need a Powerful and Entertaining Event Speaker?

The Aviation Heritage Center is proud to have some of the nations most respected military and civilian pilots serve as volunteers, flight instructors, or members of the Center's board of directors or advisory council. Their speaking presentations will fascinate everyone at your event, regardless of their level of aviation interest. From combat, to flying American presidents, the Cold War, and aviation in general, their presentations can be an exciting and memorable part of your program.

Each speaker has agreed to donate at least 70% of their speaking fee to the Aviation Heritage Center.

Please contact our Director of Aviation Education - Bridgett Neu to inquire about current speakers and fees.

Our Event Speakers
Paul Walter  

Two Is In!

That is the radio call Paul Walter gives to let his aerobatic formation team to let them know he's in his slot position, ready to perform in their six ship air show. The next 20 minutes will require intense focus and outstanding pilot skills be safe and present a terrific performance.

Paul Walter will simply tell you that he is an air show pilot. During the week, Paul works a professional ground based job, but on weekends, he lives to fly. Growing up on a Midwest farm Paul always wanted to fly and soloed at age 16. Today, a strange set of circumstances instigated by his pilot wife Lisa, led Paul to becoming a key member of the of the six ship Trojan Horsemen aerobatic formation team. Piloting a deafening 1500 horse power WWII- era ex-military aircraft, nearly half of Paul's air show performances are booked at the Navy Blue Angles or Air Force Thunderbirds events.

In his presentation, Paul describes the high and lows, sacrifices and rewards of air show flying. You will learn what it is like to fly in highly disciplined formation. Aerobatic flying is a lot like a round of golf with your best friends, with one big difference: instead of a mulligan for losing focus, a mistake in the air could result in death to every team member. From the tragic crash of a team mate to the appreciation of the sacrifices of our present military members families, Paul describes his fascinating story in Two is In!

Speaking Fee: Please Inquire


Seth Minster  

A Day in the Life of an Airline Pilot

Ever wonder what it's like to be an airline pilot?  Now you can go "behind the scenes" and learn about the fascinating world of airline aviation from Seth Minster.

Seth is a copilot for United Airlines, flying the Boeing 777 to Europe, Asia, and domestically.  His presentation will include fascinating stories from the cockpit and the airline industry.

A graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, Seth was assigned to the 4th Airborne Command and Control Squadron at Ellsworth AFB near Rapid City, SD in 1981.  There he flew the Boeing EC-135, a modified KC-135 for about 6 years as both a copilot and aircraft commander.

After flying for the Air Force for more than 7 years, Seth went on to fly for Pan American World Airways in May 1987 as a flight engineer on a Boeing 727 based in Berlin, Germany.  He flew the "corridors" made famous by the Berlin Airlift to points throughout West and East Europe. 

Seth then returned to the United States and flew out of Miami for the last few months of Pan Am's existence and was then hired by United as a flight engineer and co-pilot on the Boeing 727, this time based in Chicago.  He upgraded to the Boeing 777 in 1997.

Seth was born and raised in Sheboygan, attending local schools and graduating from North High in 1975.  He is a member of Sheboygan EAA Chapter 766 and is Secretary of the Board of Directors of the Aviation Heritage Center of Wisconsin.

Speaking Fee: Please Inquire


Cory Bouck  

Chasing Russian Submarines and Drug Smugglers

Naval academy graduate Cory Bouck speaks about his years flying a U.S. Navy Lockheed P-3 Orion, a four-engine turboprop anti-submarine and maritime surveillance aircraft. His presentation will reveal the secrets of his missions of chasing Russian subs near the Arctic Circle and air and sea-based drug smugglers throughout South & Central America.

Cory is a member of the Aviation Heritage Center of Wisconsin board of directors and is the Director of Organizational Development & Learning at Johnsonville Sausage. He is also an author, keynote speaker, and an expert in building leaders - a reputation he has earned over twenty years of leading in the military, in business, and in politics. He is a graduate of and former leadership instructor at the U.S. Naval Academy and is a former Naval Flight Officer.

Speaking Fee: Please Inquire


Jon Helminiak  

A Quest for Adventure in Remote and Strange Places

There aren't many unexplored places left in the world, but Jon has managed to find them. In 2009 he was the first American to solo sea kayak the coast of Arabia, and in 2007 he pioneered the exploration of the islands of the Raja Ampat Archipelago near Papua New Guinea. He has led 32-day, 600 mile canoe expeditions through northern Canada and scuba dived most of the world's premier dive sites including the WWII wrecks of Micronesia's Truk Lagoon. He is an aircraft owner and pilot with over 2,100 hours of flight time and an author of five published books. His presentation will take the audience on an international adventure to some of the most fascinating and remote parts of the world.

Speaking Fee: Please Inquire



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